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Radio IQ/Virginia Public Radio: A Virginia Mom Turns Tragedy to Public Service


A story of fatal DRESS induced by an antibiotic for acne treatment.

"The loss of a child brings terrible grief for parents, but it can also spur important actions that could benefit the rest of us.  This next story involves a Richmond family whose teenaged daughter died of a disease they’d never heard of.  Today, they’re crusading to educate doctors and the public. " 

Yale University/YaleNews: Dr. Brett King: No DRESS rehearsal for life-or-death decision.

WWL-TV/New Orleans. Kirt's battle with D.R.E.S.S.  He went to the dermatologist for a minor condition - his life changed forever. By Charisse Gibson.

Gillette News Record. Kolby's story. Adversity in abundance: Soccer season was supposed to be an escape for Kolby Hayes. By Miles Englehart

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