Hannah's Story

"Hannah Was Here"

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On April 19, 2011, my daughter Hannah’s heart failed while she was sitting in a doctor’s office. After forty-eight minutes of reviving her at the hospital next door, the team got a pulse and inserted an impella device. She was flown by medicopter to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. When she arrived at Cedars, she had no heart beat or pulse. It had ceased upon entering the helicopter. Hannah eventually had fasciotomies, flaying open both her legs; two open heart surgeries; and the loss of all her major organs. She had a BiVAD artificial heart implanted and later removed due to her own heart’s striving for life. She endured hundreds of x-rays, scans, severe starvation, and lost her colon and part of her pancreas. I could add more. Hannah was in and out of consciousness until she died 102 days later, two weeks after her seventeenth birthday.

This mission is for love and the countless others, unknown but not nameless, sons and daughters and adults too, who passed away or lay silently afflicted.